Sugar Cane SC40941H Fiction romance brown vintage wash denim jeans CANE2831

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Sugar Cane mens, SC40941H Fiction romance brown vintage wash, vintage cut workwear brown denim jeans. 8oz brown denim, 10s model...

Sugar Cane mens, SC40941H Fiction romance brown vintage wash, vintage cut workwear brown denim jeans. 8oz brown denim, 10s model with one peice fly, distinctive high split back and cinch back detail. Heavy fading and staining to give realistic vintage workwear finish. Additional distinctive material tool pocket on thigh. Large material belt loops with logo buttons. Five pocket, button-fly, copper rivets. Steel embossed logo buttons. Original printed material logo patch on waistband. Made in Japan. SKU-CANE2831


  • Repeated research studies by Sugar Cane have produced many different series and many innovative items. This brown denim workwear is a new introduction to Sugar Canes already large collection.The brown denim jeans are workwear from the era of the 1910s with details from that time such as the cinch back, back slit and worktool pocket.
  • Sugar Cane Jeans are cut from original and truly outstanding Japanese selvage denim. Japanese selvage denim is arguably the finest in the world and is made on old style shuttle looms rather than modern projectile looms. In simple terms this means that the cross thread goes back and forth during the weaving process. Modern looms shoot each cross thread through individually, hence the edge of the cloth is frayed rather than clean. No shuttle looms have been made for over 40 years as they can only make cloth about 30 inches wide whereas projectile looms can make cloth 60 inches or even wider for much less money.
  • Yarn is also a very important factor for vintage denim; the cotton is carefully selected, blended, spun and indigo dyed exclusively for each model. Through many processes we finally had success in developing perfect vintage denim of which the surface looks rough and uneven, and indigo warp yarn fades like original old vintage denim. We believe that authentic vintage jeans can only be revived by the same process as original jeans and so had to search for a sewing factory that still has old sewing machines and experienced sewers. Our denim fabrics, after inspection, are delivered to our sewing factory to be cut and sewn. Also the original rivets, buttons and patch are put on by the bands of well-skilled workers. Every pair of Sugar Cane jeans is completed this way.
  • If you are looking for a pair of truly vintage Japanese selvage jeans then these are the true originals amongst an illustrious list of pretenders to the crown!
  • 100% Cotton Made in Japan