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Black Vintage Cut Cotton SC12458 Striped Work Vest


Sugarcane striped work vest for men. This vintage cut waistcoat  is equipped with painted vintage finish donut metal buttons in black. This work wear vest is styled with two slit...

Sugarcane Mens Navy SC12361A Dot Striped Wabash En


The elegant stripes of the waist coat top, flatter you from every angle. This well polished look is made from 100% cotton and is styled with three front pockets. The...

Sugar Cane waistcoat Fiction Romance hard wash den


Features: MADE IN JAPAN If you are looking for a pair of truly vintage Japanese selvage Waist then these are the true originals amongst an illustrious list of pretenders to...

Sugarcane Vintage Cut SC12242N Fiction Romance Reg


Indulge in the fashion of the 1930s, with this vintage cut, work wear waist coat top. Designed to give you that much sought after polished look, the top, has four...

Sugarcane Mens SC12243 Vintage Cut 1940s Style Cov


A great way to experience the style that was prevalent in the 1940s, the romance fiction, work vest is guaranteed to make an impression on everyone, who shall lay their...